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Welcome To the Ways of Westeros! Play nice now :)
Astryr Ravenwood: Welcome guys! Any ideas or anything just inbox me! Also I am looking for some staff once we get this up and running Sept 1, 2013 3:41:54 GMT
root4: Hi! I just joined and am working on a charcter! I've been in search of a GoT rp glad I found one finally! :) Sept 2, 2013 2:39:51 GMT
Astryr Ravenwood: Awesome ! Take your time no rush! any questions just ask! Sept 4, 2013 20:04:04 GMT
Jack: Hey Sept 5, 2013 22:20:19 GMT
Jack: "Robert Arryn, late hand of the king has died." just to let you know its Jon Arryn who was hand, Robert is his son Sept 5, 2013 22:21:53 GMT
to lazy to log atm: Ah!!! Thanks I knew I confused myself somewhere along the lines XD Sept 6, 2013 17:03:40 GMT
Astryr Ravenwood: snce mines not really kicking off and fi people are interested in on I found a pretty good AU one :D Sept 6, 2013 17:11:40 GMT
TARGARYEN: Looks like y'all had a good thing goin. Feel free to come see us at FAMC! Almost a year old AU Targaryen era <3 Sept 14, 2013 15:24:10 GMT
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